Scholarship for Dalia Sheta

The foundation “Help in the fight against cancer e.V.” awarded Dalia Sheta, a talented master student in the Beilhack lab with a scholarship of 3,000€ for the year 2018.

THilfe im Kampf gegen Krebs - Immuntherapie, Andreas Beilhack Forschungslabor, Würzburg, Deutschlandhis scholarship honors the great commitment of Ms. Sheta for research at the University Hospital Würzburg. In a ceremony on May 18, 2018, Prof. Dr. Georg Ertl, director of the Würzburg University Clinics, and Ms. Gabriele Nelkenstock, initiator and chair of the two foundations for cancer researchhanded over the award to Ms. Dalia Sheta. 

Scholarship, master thesis, immunotherapy, Andreas Beilhack lab, Würzburg, Germany

After the scholarship ceremony on 18 May this year: Gabriele Nelkenstock and Professor Georg Ertl as well as scholars Dina Kouhestani, Maria Geis and Dalia Sheta (front, from left to right). Back: Roland Sauer (Managing Director of the DJK Rimparer Wölfe), Professor Gernot Stuhler and Professor Andreas Beilhack. (Photo: University Hospital Würzburg)


“Patients suffering from immunodeficiency are at high risk of infections. Immunodeficiency can be triggered by the underlying disease such as cancer, by cancer therapy or by stem cell transplantation. In my research project, I investigate which cytokines, important molecular messengers, regulate immune cells in the lungs that protect against life-threatening infections caused by fungi, bacteria or viruses. If it is possible to specifically and preemptively strengthen the immune system at critical entry sites for pathogens such as our lungs, life-threatening complications in immunocompromised cancer patients can be prevented.”

Dalia Sheta, master student, Beilhack lab