And the award goes to…

The European Society of Blood and Marrow Transplantation awarded our research on the protective function of host intestinal macrophages in acute graft-versus-host disease with this year’s Basic Science Award.

At the EBMT presidential symposium on March 15, 2021, postdoctoral fellow Dr. Duc-Dung Le presented our work and received this prestigious award together with his co-first author Dr. Ana-Laura Jordán Garrote on behalf of our entire team at University Hospital Würzburg and our national and international collaboration partners. Many thanks go to all the enthusiastic team members and especially to our partners within the DFG Transregio 221 consortium on GvH and GvL for the excellent support!

Read more about this award here.

Postdoctoral fellow Dr. Duc Dung Le receives EBMT Basic Science Award 2021 on behalf of the Beilhack lab
Prestigious research award to Dr. Duc Dung Le, Dr. Ana-Laura Jordán Garrote, Maria Ranecky and the entire team of the Beilhack lab and our collaboration partners of the DFG TRR221 consortium at Würzburg, Erlangen and Regensburg as well as Bern, Bonn, Harvard and Marseille.

Watch the interview with postdoctoral fellow Dr. Duc Dung Le here or on Youtube here.