Kerstin Sarter-Zaiss, PhD

Kerstin Sarter Zaiss, Beilhack lab, Immuntherapie Würzburg, Immunotherapy, Autoimmunityjoined the Experimental Stem Cell Transplantation Lab as a postdoctoral researcher in January 2016. She graduated in Biology at the University of Heidelberg and conducted her PhD thesis research on the development of autoimmune diseases at the University of Erlangen Nürnberg as a member of the DFG Graduierten Kolleg “Lymphozyten: Differenzierung, Aktivierung und Deviation”. In 2011 she continued her scientific career at the Medical School of the University of Geneva, Switzerland, where she successfully explored the role of new co-stimulatory molecules in antigen presentation during the development of autoimmune diseases and in tumor immunology responses.



Dr. Kerstin Sarter Zaiss

Tel:   +49-931-201 27637



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