Estibaliz Arellano Viera

Esti Arellano, Experimental Stem Cell Transplantation, Andreas Beilhack lab, Würzburg University Immunology Program, GvH-GvLgraduated from Biology and Biochemistry at the University of Navarra (Navarra, Spain). In 2012, she started working in Inbiomed (San Sebastian, Spain) as a research assistant in the Reprogramming and Differentiation Platform on induced pluripotent stem cells. In 2013, she joined the Center for Applied Medical Research (CIMA) in Pamplona, Spain. Esti is specialized in cell culture culture techniques, molecular cloning, fluorescence microscopy, PCR and mouse manipulation. In 2018 she joined the Beilhack lab and closely interacts with the team working on GvH and GvL mechanisms.


Esti Arellano Viera

Tel:   +49-931-201 44073


Gamboa Vargas J*, Wagner J*, Shaikh H, Lang I, Medler J, Anany M, Steinfatt T, Peña Mosca J, Haack S, Dahlhoff J, Büttner-Herold M, Graf C, Arellano E, Einsele H, Wajant H*, Beilhack A. (2022). A TNFR2-specific TNF fusion protein with improved in vivo activity. Front Immunol, in press

Coppiello G, Abizanda G, Aguado N, Iglesias E, Arellano-Viera E, Rodriguez-Madoz JR, Carvajal-Vergara X, Prosper F, Aranguren XL. (2017). Generation of Macaca fascicularis iPS cell line ATCi-MF1 from adult skin fibroblasts using non-integrative Sendai viruses. Stem Cell Res. 21:1-4.

Linares J, Arellano-Viera E, Iglesias-García O, Ferreira C, Iglesias E, Abizanda G, Prósper F, Carvajal-Vergara X. (2016). Generation of iPSC from cardiac and tail-tip fibroblasts derived from a second heart field reporter mouse. Stem Cell Res. 16(3):617-21.