Stefanie Schwinn

Steffanie Schwinn, Krebsforschung, Medulloblastom, Immuntherapie, Hirntumor, cancer researchgraduated from the Federal Research Assistant School in Würzburg. Thereafter she joined the group of PD Dr. Wölfl as a research assistant and worked on new T-cell based Therapy against brain tumor. In 2012 she joined the Experimental Stem Cell Transplantation laboratory at Würzburg University as a research assistant with a focus on preclinical multiple myeloma models.

In October 2013 she was selected for a competitive slot to study medicine at the Julius-Maximilians-University in Würzburg. Recently she has started her medical thesis to develop novel therapeutic strategies for the treatment of group-3 medulloblastoma in children in close collaboration with PD Dr. Matthias Wölfl from the Department of Pediatrics. To achieve this goal she is also employing an orthotopic mouse model, which had been established in Würzburg from a young patient. She was awarded with a scholarship from the Manfred-Lautenschläger-Stiftung to support her pediatric-oncology research and is currently a supported through the Dean’s graduation fellowship program of Würzburg University Medical School (GSLS Promotionsstipendium).

Contact information:

Stefanie Schwinn, MD student

Tel: +49-931-201 27638


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