Maria Ulbrich

completed her studies in biology at the University of Würzburg in 2017. During her bachelor thesis at the Institute of Virology and Immunobiology she explored mechanisms in the development of graft-versus-host disease (GvHD) after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. Completing her master thesis in the Beilhack lab, her fascination deepened for immunological processes within hematological diseases.
In 2019 she joined the Beilhack lab as a research assistant to support the establishment of multiple myeloma and immune diagnostics working closely with Dr. Paula Tabares.


Maria Ulbrich, MSc.

Tel:   +49-931-201 44064


Böckle D, Tabares P, Zhou X, Schimanski S, Steinhardt MJ, Bittrich M, Seebacher E, Ulbrich M, Wilnit A, Metz C, Heidemeier A, Bley T, Werner R, Buck A, Einsele H, Kortüm KM, Beilhack A*, Rasche L*. (2022). MRD and imaging guided consolidation strategies in newly diagnosed and relapsed refractory multiple myeloma. British Journal of Haematology, in press

Shaikh H, Vargas JG, Mokhtari Z, Jarick KJ, Ulbrich M, Mosca JP, Viera EA, Graf C, Le DD, Heinze KG, Büttner-Herold M, Rosenwald A, Pezoldt J, Huehn J, Beilhack A. (2021). Mesenteric lymph node transplantation in mice to study immune responses of the gastrointestinal tract. Front Immunol 12:689896.