Katja Jarick, PhD (neé Ottmüller)

Katja Ottmüller, T cell trafficking, GVHD, Immunregulation, Immuntherapie Würzburg, Beilhack lab

completed her PhD thesis to study donor T cell migration in the intestinal tract during acute GvHD in the Beilhack Lab in 2019. She employs flow cytometry, immunofluorescence microscopy, laser-scanning light-sheet microscopy, in vivo two-photon microscopy and bioluminescence imaging.

During her PhD studies she was an active member of the doctoral research council of the Gradudate School of Life Sciences (GSLS) Würzburg and the organizational team of the international students’ symposium EUREKA.

Katja studied human biology for five years in Greifswald, Germany, and graduated in 2013. During her Diploma Thesis in the center for innovation competence Plasmatis of the Leibnitz Institute for Plasma Science and Technology she worked on non-thermal physical plasma-induced wound healing. More specifically, she investigated the influence of physical plasma on MAPK and p53-signaling in immune cells and keratinocytes. Thereafter, she joined the center for innovation competence HIKE in Greifswald for five months, where she studied lipid modifications and intracellular trafficking of signaling molecules involved in TCR signaling.



Katja Jarick, PhD

Tel: +49-931-201 44041



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