Andreas Brandl, PhD

Andreas Brandl, Beilhack lab, Multiple myeloma, tumor microenvironmentAfter finishing his studies in biology and completing his PhD-thesis in the Molecular Immunology Group of Prof. Dr. Hans-Martin Jäck at Erlangen University, Germany, he established a novel conditional knock-out mouse model as a postdoctoral fellow for an additional year in the same lab. Thereafter, he joined the Department of Plastic and Hand Surgery headed by Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h. c. Raymund E. Horch at the University Hospital of Erlangen-Nuremberg for two years. During this postdoctoral training time he gained profound insights in translational medical research and experience in working with primary endothelial cells, cancer cells and their interactions with bioactive materials. In 2013 Dr. Brandl was successfully funded with an ELAN-grant (Erlanger Leistungsbezogene Anschubfinanzierung und Nachwuchsförderung) of the faculty of medicine. Following his interest in immunology Dr. Brandl returned to the field of tumor immunology and joined the group of Prof. Beilhack at Würzburg University. In 2015 he was awarded with a grant from the Senator Kurt and Inge Schuster-Foundation to support his current cancer immunology research. Currently he is principal investigator within the DFG funded µbone research consortium “Colonisation and Interactions of Tumor Cells within the Bone Microenvironment“ (SPP 2084). His research focuses on the interactions of multiple myeloma cells with different subsets of immune cells and endothelial cells within the bone marrow tumor niche environment. As the lab biosafety manager he is responsible for the coordination of multiple research activities, logistics and organization within the group.



Dr. Andreas Brandl

Tel:   +49-931-201 44055 (office)

Tel:   +49-931-201 27637 (lab)



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