Ana-Laura Jordán Garrote, PhD

Ana-Laura Jordán Garrote, PhD, GVHD, immunoregulation, immunotherapy, Immuntherapie Würzburg
graduated in biology at the University of Barcelona, Spain. She conducted her PhD thesis research project in the Experimental Stem Cell Transplantation laboratory and was awarded a prestigious Graduate School of Life Sciences Fellowship of the German Excellence Initiative. In her PhD thesis project she investigated the role of dendritic cells (DCs) in intestinal acute graft-versus-host disease (aGVHD). To accomplish this goal she employed a variety of methods such as in vivo bioluminescence imaging (BLI), fluorescence microscopy, multiparameter flow cytometry, cell sorting and multiplex cytokine analysis, among others. Throughout her PhD time she was member of the Graduate College “Immunomodulation” and actively pursued several successful national and international collaborations, including a research visit at Harvard University in 2014. She completed her PhD Thesis in 2014 (Summa cum Laude). Since then she continues her research in allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation as a postdoctoral fellow and is in charge of the GvHD core in the Beilhack lab.


Dr. Ana-Laura Jordán Garrote

Postdoctoral Fellow

Tel:   +49-931-201 27638


Fellowships and Awards

2009: STIBET-fellowship from the German Academic Exchange Programme (DAAD).

2010-2014: Fellowship from the German Excellence Initiative at the Graduate School of Life Sciences, University of Würzburg.

2013: First poster award “Else-Kröner symposium, Translational Immunology – from Target to Therapy”, (Würzburg, Germany).

2015: First poster award “Else-Kröner symposium, Translational Immunology – from Target to Therapy”, (Würzburg, Germany)



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