Fifth Joint Meeting of IMIHM and the FungiNet consortium

Invasive Aspergillosis, Immunotherapy, diagnosis, A. fumigatus, host-pathogen-interactions, Andreas Beilhack research laboratory, Würzburg University, GermanyFrom June 26th-27th, 2018, the DFG Transregio 124 FungiNet Consortium convened in Würzburg to present and discuss the very latest research advances on the interactions of pathogenic fungi and the host immune system.

This meeting provided the opportunity especially for young pre- and post-docs of the FungiNet Consortium to share their very latest research data in own sessions prior to the 12th International Meeting for Invasive Mycoses in Haematologic Malignancies (IMIHM XII) organized by Prof. Jürgen Löffler. The topics covered aspects of immunology, microbiology, clinical mycology as well as basic science. Postdoctoral fellow Zeinab Mokhtari from the Beilhack lab presented the progress of two key research projects in the FungiNet consortium. The vivid discussions continued with internationally renowned experts in the field of fungal infections at the IMIHM XII, when they presented the most recent developments in fungal research covering topics from fungal recognition receptors and inflammasome signaling to clinical challenges based on the emergence of fungal multi-drug resistance.

Zeinab Mokhtari, Axel Brakhage, Transregio TRR 124, FungiNet, Andreas Beilhack IZKF Forschergruppe Würzburg

The FungiNet Research Consortium under the leadership of Prof. Axel Brakhage is a joint interdisciplinary endeavor of researchers from the Universities of Jena and Würzburg and funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG). In 2017 the DFG extended its support for this research network for the next 4 years.

Program and pictures of the 5th Joint Meeting of the DFG TRR 124 FungiNet consortium and IMIHM XII.