13th Annual Immunology Network Meeting Erlangen – Tübingen – Würzburg

Annual meeting immunology program Erlangen, Tübingen, Würzburg UniversityThe annual meeting of the immunology programs from Würzburg, Erlangen and Tübingen Universities took place in Obertrubach, Franconia. This year’s meeting was organized by Hans-Martin Jäck and his team from the University of Erlangen.

From June 18th-20th, 2018, the 13thnetwork meeting of research training groups in immunology from the Universities of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Tübingen, Würzburg was held in the Obertrubach, a pristine place in the Veldensteiner Forst with its characteristic 120 million years old rock and karst formations. For three days, graduate students and faculty members met to present and discuss their research projects in a relaxed atmosphere. Already in the past years, this meeting has proven as a great opportunity to share new developments and concepts and to foster scientific collaboration. Highlights of this year’s retreat were the keynote lectures by Dirk Brenner (Luxembourg) and Marco Herold (Melbourne). Marco Herold, who is holding now a faculty position in Australia at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, had graduated from Würzburg University and is a former member of the Würzburg immunology graduate program. Musga Qureischi and Tim Steinfatt from the Beilhack lab gave lectures about their progress and Julia Hartweg, Haroon Shaikh and Leni Strobel presented their thesis projects in the poster session. All PhD students of the Beilhack lab are members of the graduate program Immunomodulation, which is integrated in the Würzburg Graduate School of Life Sciences (GSLS). Graduate students of this program are required to give at least one poster and one scientific presentation at this annual immunology network meeting.

Immunology Community Germany, Andreas Beilhack Lab, Würzburg UniversityImmunology Meeting, Obertrubach, Germany