Biofabrication – New DFG Research Consortium launched

Scientists from a broad variety of different disciplines join forces to form a new research consortium on biofabrication – to print living cells and tissue structures. Propelling this next generation technology will open entirely new avenues for biomedical research and future therapies.
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“From the Foundations of Biofabrication to Functional Tissue Models” – The new DFG TRR-SFB 225 consortium

The German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG) announced that it will fund a Transregional Collaborative Research Center initiated by the three Franconian Universities of Würzburg, Bayreuth and Erlangen. Under the guidance of Prof. Jürgen Groll from Würzburg University, this new research consortium will push the newly emerging field of biofabrication forward.  

The term of our new DFG Collaborative Research Center “Biofabrikation” is designed for a period of twelve years. In the first four-years the consortium aims to investigate basics of biofabrication. The DFG funds this initial period with around ten million Euros to create an internationally leading competence center. 

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