Eureka 2017

12th International Symposium of the Graduate School of Life Sciences

Jorge Cham, Piled Higher and Deeper, PhD comics, Andreas Beilhack lab, WürzburgFrom October 11th and 12th 2017 the annual international research conference organized by PhD students for PhD students of the Würzburg Graduate School of Life Sciences took place in the Rudolf-Virchow-Center. And again, the success of the meeting was founded in a perfect blend of lectures by international leaders in their respective research fields and presentations of our local PhD students covering the broad spectrum of life sciences. This year, members of the Beilhack lab contributed seven poster presentations. Notably, among more than 100 presentations, MD student Maria Ranecky and PhD student Haroon Shaikh made it into final selection for the poster award. The highlight and finale of this year’s symposium was the very entertaining but thought provoking lecture of the science-cartoonist Jorge Cham.